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BMW Natural Air refill pack for starter kit interior fragrance

  • Manufacturer: BMW / MINI
  • Part Number: 83122285674
  • Model: All
  • Weight: 0.100 Kg

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Item Description

All created fragrances contain natural ingredients, such as essential oils, which harmonize well with each other and have been tested for skin compatibility. Each refill kit consists of 3 scent sticks. No leakage, as no liquid is contained in the fragrance stick. //Balancing Amber: Exotic flowers and different spices develop a sweet and spicy note for a warm atmosphere.// //Energizing Tonic: eucalyptus and rosemary provide a slightly spicy note. Characteristic of these oils is also the invigorating effect.// //Harmonizing Flowers: Shaped by jasmine and myrtle, this fragrance is reminiscent of a filigree floral arrangement and ensures a flattering well-being.// //Purifying Green Tea: Green tea and musk provide a fruity-fresh note and have a balancing effect.// //Sparkling Raindrops: Citrus, lily of the valley and musk complexes provide radiant freshness.// //Vitalizing Woods: The lightly woody combination of refreshing orange and subtle vanilla is credited with an encouraging aura with a warm-hearted tone.// Please write scent name in the checkout section Notes.